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Hanssem LEEHAUS Coexistence Exhibition Center on the 13th



On August 13, Hanssem Co.,
Ltd. (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha), a corporation specializing in the general home interior, will be opening the Ulsan Branch of the

Hanssem LEEHAUS Coexistence Exhibition Center,
which is a co-exhibition store for the coexistence cooperation with the affiliated stores for the small- and medium-sized remodelings in the region.

The Coexistence Exhibition Center is a store after the head office goes through the process of analyzing the business district, the store exhibition,
the formulation of a marketing strategy, etc., opens a large-sized exhibition center, has the many small- and medium-sized, affiliated stores enter,
and engages in the sales jointly.  Recently, the interior stores have been getting large-sized,

and this is a management method that considers the fact that it is difficult for the owners of the affiliated stores, of which the capital and the manpower are limited, to directly manage the large-sized stores.
In the past July, Hanssem changed the name ‘Hanssem LEEHAUS Exhibition Center’, which is a joint exhibition store which had been managed previously, to ‘Hanssem LEEHAUS Coexistence Exhibition Center’,

and it has been fortifying the support for the coexistence of the affiliated stores. 
The number of the affiliated stores that entered had been expanded from the over 10 previously to between 20 and over 30, and the commission for the entry was lowered by a half. 

For the increase of the gatherings, the head office has been supporting the cultural events,
including opening a lecture on the remodeling trends and the others of the like.  At present, Hanssem has been managing a total of the 10 coexistence exhibition centers nationwide,
including the Ulsan Branch, the Yangjae Branch, the Bucheon Branch, the Haewundae Branch, etc., and over 240 affiliated stores have entered.

Regarding the Ulsan Branch,
which is a coexistence exhibition center, it has 3 floors above ground, it has the size of 300 pyeong (990㎡), and a total of 18 small- and medium-sized, affiliated stores will enter.
The owners of the affiliated stores can propose the diverse products that are necessary for the remodeling, including the kitchen furnitures,
the bathrooms, the windows and the doors, the flooring materials, the doors, etc. to the customers at not only the stores they had managed previously but, also, at the coexistence exhibition center. 

Especially, by exhibiting the 2 types of the model houses,
the 4 types of the style zones, etc., which had been decorated by the interior concept, including urban chic, the modern beige, etc.,
it has been made so that the customers can experience in advance the appearances of the houses after the constructions.  Also,

at the Construction Materials Sample Zone, the customers can personally compare the diverse materials and make the meticulous selection.
Representative Choi, Hyeong-gook of ATTO Design, an affiliated store that will enter the Ulsan Branch of the coexistence exhibition said,

“The customers who come to the store for the remodeling want to confirm the appearance of the house after the construction through the eyes. 
Because the sizes of the preexistent stores were small, to the extent of exhibiting only 1 kitchen set and the construction material samples, there had been a lot of the difficult parts realistically. 

Because, at the coexistence exhibition center, which is a large-sized store, not only the diverse products can be shown to the customers, but, also, the appearance, too, of the house after the construction can be shown,

I have the high expectation that it will prove to be of a help in heightening the contract rate.”
A related person at Hanssem said,
“We plan to strengthen the support for the coexistence cooperation with the affiliated stores and to additionally open the coexistence exhibition centers. 
We have been seeing that the coexistence exhibition centers will prove to be of a help in not only increasing the sales of the affiliated stores but, also, in increasing the size of the entire remodeling market.”

Meanwhile, to commemorate its opening,
the Ulsan Branch of the Hanssem LEEHAUS Coexistence Exhibition Center will be presenting the drying racks worth 30,000 won to 50 customers who received the remodeling surveying in the order of their arrival until the 30th of the next month. 

To the customers who conclude the contracts that are over 7 million won,
the Hanssem OZEN Vacuum Blender or the Winix Dehumidifier will be present.  And, to the customers who conclude the contracts that are over 9 million won,
the Shinsegae Department Store’s mobile gift vouchers worth 200,000 won will be additionally presented.  To the customers who pay with the Samsung Card, the benefit of the no-interest, 12 months installment payments is provided, too.
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