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Hanssem’s No-specification, Open-recruitment Employment of the Sales Positions



Hanssem Co.  Ltd. (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha),
a corporation specializing in the general, home interior will be proceeding with an open recruitment for the sales positions through a blind method, which is ‘the home leader screening’.
The applicant for the home leader screening cannot expose any personal information other than the name and the contact information. 
The applicants who attach their photographs and write their ages, the schools they are from, the language scores, etc. are the subjects for the deducting of the scores. 
The intention is to evaluate only the interest in the work, the job suitability, and the passion of the applicant.
Regarding the employment jobs, they are the two, including the LEEHAUS TR (Territory Representative) and the SC (Space Coordinator). 
The LEEHAUS TR gets around to working nationwide as a manager of the business districts who belongs to the LEEHAUS Business Department,
which distributes and sells from the construction materials to the installation furnitures and the others of the like, in the business model of Hanssem.
Also, as the sales staff members who work at the flag shops, which are the large-sized, directly-managed stores of Hanssem,
the SC’s get around to being placed in Seoul, Bundang, Suwon, Busan, and Daegu, where the flag shops are located, after their selections. 

Regarding the method for the application,
the application is possible by e-mail to  And, regarding the detailed matters,
you can confirm with the guide to the employment on the left side of the Hanssem homepage

The acceptance of the application is until 4:00 p.m. on the 29th
Regarding the schedule for later on, including the announcement of the people who passed and the others of the like, it is planned to be separately guided.

 For the selection of the field-type people of talent,
Hanssem has newly established an interview for evaluating the level of the understanding of the work from the 1st open recruitment for the sales positions in the first half of the year that has passed. 

Regarding the questions of the interview that had been proceeded with at the model house that had been decorated like an actual house within the company building in Sangam, Seoul, they were
‘Try decorating the house of a newly-married couple who lives in 20 pyeong in which a room cannot be made for the child because the house is small although there is one child’ and the others.

This describes the form of the residence of the main customers of Hanssem.
In this process, the don’t ask applications got filtered naturally, and the people of talent who had a lot of interest in the home interior market at ordinary times could be selected. 
It appeared that their results, too, at the site of the sales after the education were extraordinary.

The home leader screening this time had been an attempt for selecting the passionate sales staff members,
which is the image of the people of talent of Hanssem in the form that had developed the interview in the first half of the year that had passed somewhat more.

A person-in-charge of the employment at Hanssem said,
“The home interior market is a very big industry of which the growth from the 19 trillion won in the year 2010 to over 40 trillion won in the year 2020 is anticipated.
 We hope for a lot of the applications by the applicants who are filled with the passion to grow as a home interior expert together with Hanssem.”    

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