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The 2019 Hanssem Throughout-the-Year Campaign- ‘I Am a Mom’.



Hanssem Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha), a corporation specializing in the general home interior,
has decided the topic of the throughout-the-year campaign in the year 2019 to be ‘I am a mom’,
and it will unfold the campaign that ‘cheers for all of the moms in the world’.

While supplying the modern-style, standing-up furnitures from the 1970’s, when the uncomfortable,
conventional kitchen furnitures had been the main ones, Hanssem, which had been quickening as a kitchen furniture company,
has been leading in heightening the quality of life of the mothers.  By cheering for the

mothers who have been living with the diverse appearances with the passing of the time,
contributing to the happiness of the families, too, is the purpose of the campaign of this time.

Regarding the subjects of the campaign this time,
which has been proceeding for throughout-the-year in the year 2019,
beginning with the ‘single moms’, it is scheduled to be continued with the ‘working moms’, the ‘full-time moms’, etc.

The first topic is the unmarried mothers. 
Regarding the subjects of the residential environment improvement business in the past year,
Hanssem made the one parent families, including the unmarried mothers, as the main ones. 

And it had newly decorated the houses of a total of over 20 one-parent families.  Also, it has been giving the self-reliance,
settlement money to the one-parent families that are becoming independent by retiring from the one-parent family care facilities,
and it has been giving the self-reliance cheering kits, too, which contain the daily supplies that are needed when becoming independent, together, as the gifts. 
In addition, by producing an unmarried mother cheering video, it has been broadcasted through the TV, the YouTube, etc.

The topic that continues from the unmarried mother is the ‘working mom’. 
By operating the diverse, within-company, maternal instinct programs,

Hanssem has been directly putting into practice the cheering for the working moms. 
With the motto of ‘The company the woman wants to work in, the company in which the mom is happy’,
it has been preparing a foundation for the women members of the management and the staff to grow inside the company without having the career experience get cutoff due to pregnancy,
childbirth, and infant care.  The pregnant women do the 6-hour, shortened work during the time period before the pregnancy, and the maternity leave has been extended from the previous
1 year to 2 years.  Also, by operating a within-company daycare center, the burdens of the pregnancy, the childbirth, and the infant care of the women management and staff have been reduced.

Chairman Choi, Yang-ha of Hanssem said,
“I thank once again regarding the love of the mothers who made Hanssem ‘the romance of the housewives’ and ‘the romance of the moms’. 
I will unceasingly endeavor in the many ways so that all of the mothers in this world can become happy.”

<The campaign PR video>
“I am a mom.”
‘The Unmarried Mother Cheering’ video of the first campaign.
The video link

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