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Hanssem Mall Launches ‘A Demain’, the First Chair of Our Kid



In the Hanssem Mall (, an online shopping mall of Hanssem Co.,
Ltd. (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha), a corporation specializing in the general home interior, the A Demain,
a little children’s chair, will be launched, and a launch commemorating event will be proceeded with.

 Regarding the A Demain, which is a little children’s dining table chair of which the diverse utilizations are possible,
including the dining table chair, the game chair, the napping bed, etc., for from those who are in the 6 months old and 3 years old after the birth,
you can select to fit the use among the ordinary type, the swing type, and the booster type.

 Regarding the ordinary type, because the adjustment of the height is possible in the nine phases from 80 cm to 170 cm,
it can be adjusted to fit the growth of the child.  Because the angles of the back of the chair and the foot rest can be adjusted,
the use is possible in the diverse activities, including dining, playing, sleeping, etc.  Also, with the 5-point safety belt that wraps the whole body of the child,
the safety has been heightened even more.  Regarding the swing type, even the function of the passive, cradle rocking bed was added to the function of the ordinary type. 
The adjustment of the height of the swing type, too, is possible in the seven phases from 97 cm to 120 cm.  Because the booster type can be carried at 2.8 kg, the level of the utilization is high.

To the extent that it is a product that is used by the children, the quality, above anything else, had been meticulously considered. 
For the frame that supports the chair, the aluminum, which is used as a material for the airplane, was used.  And, for the food tray, a non-toxic plastic (polypropylene),
which is used for the baby bottle, was used.  For the seat board, too, the PU (polyurethane) leather, which is waterproof, which is strong against contamination, and of which the washing management is easy,
was used. Regarding the color, one can select from among the pink, the grey, and the navy.

To commemorate the launching, the diverse events have been prepared. First, the event of discounting the price by a maximum of up to 34% is proceeded with. 
he booster type will be sold at 79,000 won, which is a 34% discount.  And the ordinary type and the swing type, too, will be sold at the prices that have been discounted to 299,000 won and 399,000 won.
Also, in the case of purchasing the folder matt, which is an indispensable baby product,
together with the A Demain, the second-stage Sam Kids Folder Matt worth 150,000 won is provided at half the price. 
If one writes a photo postscript, the booster-type A Demain worth 120,000 won is given at 10,000 won.  The event has as its subjects the 100 people in the order of their arrivals.
A related person at the Hanssem Mall said,
‘For the parents who want to give only the best things to their child, the A Demain was introduced by having the quality as the highest priority. 
As we have prepared the diverse events, too, to commemorate the launch, I ask you for a lot of the interest.”

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