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Hanssem ‘2019 Spring/Summer Lifestyle Trend’



Hanssem (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha), a corporation specializing in the general home interior,
had proceeded with the ‘2019 Spring/Summer Lifestyle Trend Presentation Session’ at the Korea Build exposition, which had been held at the KINTEX in Ilsan from February 20 until February 24.    

In order to propose a solution regarding the role of a house and the utilization of the space that fit the lifestyle of the modern people that has been changing,
Hanssem, a leading corporation in the home interior business, decided to hold the ‘Lifestyle Trend Presentation Session’ two times in the first half and the second half of every year, and it had proceeded
with the ‘2019 Spring/Summer Lifestyle Trend Presentation Session’ at the Korea Build exposition.
Hanssem decided the catchphrase of the corporation to be ‘the house of tomorrow’,
and it had shown the appearance of a house that becomes the foundation for raising the children to become the persons of talent who will create a better future,
for the constituent members of the family to create the joys and the delights together, and for the married couples who work to grow through the recharging.

it selected the topic of the trend of the lifestyle of the spring and summer of the year 2019 this time as ‘the house in which the individualities and the tastes of the family are contained. 
And, at the venue of the exposition, it introduced four model houses which materialized the lifecycles of the members of the family who are continued as the newly married, the infants, and the children in the elementary school,
the junior high school, and the senior high school on the flat surfaces of the apartments which are representative of Korea.

At the model houses, the space package product, too, that Hanssem proposes could be confirmed. 
As the only one in the whole world, Hanssem provides all of the interior items that are related to the house through one-stop as a space package and not a single item by encompassing the flooring materials,
the wall papers, the ceilings, the doors, the curtains, the lights, the furnitures, the props, and the home appliances.  By utilizing this, by applying not only the lifestyles of the members of the family,

of course, but, also, the designs which are different for each, including the colors, the concepts,
etc., the model houses had been decorated.  Regarding the styles that are newly proposed in the spring and the winter in the year 2019, they are the four kinds,
including ‘the modern grey’, ‘the modern beige’, ‘the modern white 2’, and ‘the modern classic white’.
At the model houses, the IoT technologies, too, that had been applied to the various places in the house could be experienced. 
The Hanssem products, including the smart motion beds, the illuminations, etc. that are connected to the Hanssem IoT platform,
can be controlled with the Hanssem Home App, and the simple voice control is possible, too, based on the Google Assistant.
the Korea Build is the largest exposition related to the home interior, architecture materials in Korea to which 180,000 people visit every year. 
In this year, from the 20th to the 24th, a total of the 933 companies, including Hanssem, LG Electronics, KCC, etc., had participated in the 3,645 booths in the total area of 70,476m2 (the size of 21,300 pyeong) at the KINTEX, Ilsan. 
By preparing an exhibition hall with the size of the 72 booths (200 pyeong), which is the biggest size among the participating companies,
Hanssem introduced a total home interior package which totally included the kitchen, the furnitures, the household items, and the construction materials.

Hanssem diagnosed that the biggest factor that had brought about the changes of the lifestyle in the modern society had been ‘the increase of the social role of the women’. 
With the social role of the women getting big and with the increase of the families of the married couples who work, the role of the caring for the children had changed from the one mom in the past to all of the members of the family.
Accordingly, the functions of the family that are demanded by the modern society are the following: 1.
The house for creating the future together with the children; 2.
The house that understands the individualities and the tastes of the family and that creates the joy; and 3.
The house that advances toward the dream through the recharging.

Hanssem proposes the appearances of the houses by the lifecycle for materializing these.

1.The newly-married couple: The cozy home atelier for the two only.

The appearance of a 59㎡, 25 pyeong-type apartment, in which the newly-married couples reside the most, is shown. 
Here, according to the implementation of the 52-hour working system, a newly-married couple who work who enjoy the work-and-life balance live. 

In the living room of the married couple, there is a large-sized dining table which is diversely used for working at home, the brunch, the hobby activities, etc. 
And, behind the dining table, a shelf cabinet for storing the various kinds of the small household appliances and the goods for the hobby activities has been placed.     

 This house had been decorated with the ‘modern grey’ style, which is a Hanssem rehaus package. 
On the wide areas, including the walls, the floors, the doors, etc., the light grey color had been applied.  And on the inner door and on the windows and the doors,
the navy color had been put on as a point color.  By adding the yellow color here, the casual and refreshing space had been produced to behoove the house of a newly-married couple.
2. The home where there is a child who is 5 months old- The romantic house together with the child.

84m2 (Formerly, 34 pyeong). 
This house had been decorated with the home where there is a 5 months old child as the concept.  Just as the late marriage is a social trend,
the parents at this house got married and gave birth to the child after possessing the economic ability to a certain extent. 

Because of this, despite the fact that there is a little child at this house, the married couple had decorated the house by reflecting the individuality and the taste of each of them. 
And the mom, too, had prepared a small study that is mom’s only next to the bedroom in order to have the time for investing to herself rather than sacrificing unconditionally for the child.
This had been decorated with the ‘modern, classic white’ style. 
It had been decorated to be romantic with the white molding, the floor with the bright oak tone, and the golden handles. 
By adding the pastel tone fabrics, including the mint color and the others of the like, here, the graceful and sophisticated space had been produced.

3. The family that raises the twin sisters in the elementary school- The playroom at our house where the creative ability grows quickly.

Although the birthrate has been getting reduced the more the time has passed,
still, there two children families are the most in Korea.  At this house, the twin sisters who are the elementary school students have been living. 

The biggest matter of the interest of the parents at this house is to have the two daughters grow as the children who dream of the future with the creative thoughts and who possess the proper sociality. 
Also, in order to bring alive the talents of the children, the works of art of the children had been exhibited without throwing them away from the time they had been at the kindergarten.

Because of the works of art of the children and the housekeeping that has been increasing,
the biggest worry at this house is the storage.  For the efficient storage, on the wall behind the sofa, a roomy storage closet had been decorated separately. 

Especially, in the middle, by designing as the open type, a small gallery, in which the works of art of the children can be stored, had been prepared. 
Also, by separately preparing a playroom for the children, it was enabled so that the twin sisters can make it neat and tidy by themselves.
 This house had been decorated with the ‘modern, natural’ style, which is a Hanssem rehaus package. 
In the big areas, including the doors, the walls, etc., the grey color had been applied, and the points had been given here and there with the natural colors. 
Regarding the floor material color, the natural wood was selected.  And, by applying the green colors that can be seen in the nature, including the avocado,
the lime, etc. and by adding the planterior interior, the warm atmosphere had been produced.
4. The space in which the female child who is a junior high school student is raised- The smart home in which the family communicates

In this 37 pyeong-type house, the female, junior high school student in the puberty and the married couple who work have been living. 
The age of the child is that at which the child is accustomed to getting estranged from the parents and to consuming the digital contents. 

At the end of the worry, by using the IoT technology in which the child is interested, the parents agreed with the child to communicate with the child,
and the many places inside the house had been decorated with the smart home, which had grafted the IoT technology.

 In the living room, by installing a large-sized screen instead of a TV, the whole family enjoys the movies. 
By installing the TV in the dining space, the family does the cooking by looking at the recipe together.  And they, also, dine while looking at the family photographs. 
To the extent that they had been decorated with the smart home as the concept, all of these are possible through the voice orders.
 At this house, the ‘modern white 2’, which is a Hanssem rehaus package, had been applied. 
my adding the black to the inner doors and the windows and the doors in the white interior which can be seen frequently,
the luxuriousness had been added.  By taking into account the fact that the black and white interior looks somewhat cold, by giving the point with the fabrics of the red color here and there,
the sophisticated and trendy house could be decorated.
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