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Hanssem Launches the Kitchen Storage Series ‘Kitchen On’.



Hanssem Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha),
a corporation specializing in the general interior, will launch the ‘Kitchen On’, a new product of the kitchen storage series,
through the online shopping mall of the Hanssem Mall ( and will proceed with the prior reservation event.

For the efficient kitchen storage, the living storage closet, the range, the Irish table, etc. will be introduced as a series.
The height of the Kitchen On, Irish table is 74cm, which is around 10cm lower than the ordinary, Irish table, and it is the same as the height of the preexistent tables. 
Because of this, without the need for a separate chair, the dining is possible with a stable posture.  Also, by designing the Irish table, too, as the complete withdrawal type,
it had been made to be able to amply store the big, home appliances, too, of which the volumes are big, including not only the electric rice cooker for 10 persons, of course, but, also,
the light wave oven.  Because it is strong against the various kinds of the contaminations and because its durability is strong, if a little child scribbles on the table or drops a contaminant, it can be removed easily.

To the recent trend in which the number of the household goods within the kitchen has been increasing, the range is suitable. 
The Kitchen On range can efficiently store the diverse home appliances, including the electric rice cooker for 10 persons, the toaster, etc. 
Also, because the storage space in the upper part, too, is ample, it is good for storing the household goods that are not frequently used and the food materials that had been purchased in the large amounts.

The living storage closet can be utilized for not only the storage of the kitchen utensils, of course, but, also,
for the efficient storage of the diverse articles, of course, and as an interior furniture, too.  Not only does it solve the simple meal, of course,
the level of the utilization, including the work at home, the treatment for a guest, etc., is very high.  Especially, in the case of the withdrawal- type table,
because the expansion is possible from 51cm to the maximum of 92 cm, the space can be utilized efficiently.

To commemorate the launch,
the benefit of the additional 10% discount is provided as a prior reservation event until the 17th

When applying the prior reservation benefit, the Irish table can be purchased at 296,100 won,
the range storage closet (the low closet) can be purchased at 215,100 won, and the living storage closet (the storage type) can be purchased at 341,100 won. 
It is scheduled that the matters of the prior reservation orders will be consecutively delivered from the 18th.

A person concerned at the Hanssem Mall said,
“With the household goods increasing recently, there are the many homes of which the kitchen storage space is insufficient.  As Hanssem,
the unrivalled number one-ranking company in the kitchen furniture industry, has launched the Kitchen On, which are the kitchen storage furnitures that can heighten the storage efficiency through the Hanssem Mall,
we ask you for a lot of the interest.”
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