메이엘 옷장, 일자책상세트, 600자 책장, 메이엘 침대로 꾸며진 자녀방입니다.

메이엘 옷장, 일자책상세트, 600자 책장, 메이엘 침대로 꾸며진 자녀방입니다.

메이엘 h형 책상과 의자가 셋팅된 자녀방입니다.

메이엘 h형 책상과 의자가 셋팅된 자녀방입니다.

메이엘 콘솔형 책상세트와 600자 책장이 셋팅된 자녀방입니다.

메이엘 콘솔형 책상세트와 600자 책장이 셋팅된 자녀방입니다.

A space where a small girl’s romantic dreams blossom Mayel

MY SPACE, MY WORLD / The soft curvy lines and bright colors create a romantic space for children who will grow to be little girls and for little girls who will grow to be young ladies

Mayel Product Characteristics

  • Romantic designs for growing young girls
  • Colors that light up small spaces
  • A blend of soft curves and rich rattan

Mayel desks

Create a long-lasting romantic space for children with three types of Mayel desks.

01. A straight desk that enhances

Mayel desks image

Curved bookshelf partitions that allow for more desk space, Only the desk may be chosen and purchased

When used as a standard shelf / when used as a monitor shelf

02. An H-shaped desk set for efficient use of space

H-shaped desk set

There is no distinction between left and right and the layout can be changed after it’s been set up. The mini wall prevents pens from falling off. A lock that ensures a private storage space.

03. A console-type desk set than can double as a vanity table.

console-type desk set iamge

console-type desk set / The desk can be used with a cheval mirror. The open desk leg design offers spacious room below.

메이엘 책장

Book case whose width can be adjusted according to storage volume and space. Add a bottom door to create a closed cabinet for cleaner organization.

메이엘 책장 종류 600mm, 700mm 2종 / * 하부도어는 옵션으로 추가할 수 있습니다

메이엘 서랍장

메이엘 서랍장 3단 서랍장 사진

3-level drawers to use as a vanity with a cheval mirror

Convenient adjustable cheval mirror, The divider in the first drawer allows neat organization

메이엘 옷장

A romantic closet for feminine sensitivity, Getting dressed has never been more convenient with an interior closet door mirror

Sophisticated curved molding and rattan texture, Antique-inspired handles for added romance, Curved hardwood legs for solid support

Mayel Bed

Mayel Bed image

A bed that completes a romantic bedroom

Feminine lines and rich rattan texture, Bed guard that ensures the safety of a child, Bottom drawers for storing seasonal clothes

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