Winter bedding that warms you up inside and out If the winter chill gets to you physically and emotionally, choose Hanssem’s line of warm and snug winter bedding. They come in a wide range of materials including goose and ultra-soft superfine fibers as well as practical thin wadding. Choose the materials and style fit for you. Light and warm goose Goose comforters are light in weight and they effectively absorb and release bodily moisture, helping your body retain a constant temperature and ensuring a good night’s sleep. Insulation Light weight Texture Hygiene maintenance What is goose? Goose refers to the thick layer of down feathers around the breast to the belly area of a goose. Goose is light in weight and has superior insulation, so it is commonly used in winter clothing such as down jackets. In addition, goose retains more oxygen than duck down, so that the shape of clothing will quickly resume its shape after it’s been altered. How do you choose a good-quality goose? Goose is a natural material that is classified into feathers and down. A higher ratio of down ensures better insulation and light weight. Goose from cold regions such as Siberia and northern Europe boasts a higher quality as they have thicker feathers. When purchasing a goose product, make sure to check for the country of origin. Ultra-soft superfine fibers that you cannot resist Superfine fibers are 1/100 the thickness of human hair. Because they are so fine and dense, they ensure minimal bacterial growth and maximum insulation. Dries Quickly - Goose is highly washable and dries quickly so it can be washed and dried indoors during the winter season. Superior Detergency -  Because superfine fibers are so thin, dirt and stains are easily washable and cause little risk of bacterial growth. Easy Laundry - Soiled cotton products have to be steamed to remove stains but soiled superfine fiber products can be easily washed by rubbing them gently with detergent or soaking them in water with detergent Must-have practical thin wadded blankets in various fabric - The wadding and the cover are quilted together so there is no need for extra wadding and is easily washable. Choose from the wide range of fabrics and make one of these must-have items yours. Thin wadded blankets in cotton - The raw material for cotton, a plant-based fiber, is the cotton wool surrounding the cotton seeds that are harvested from the fields. It is an eco-friendly, natural fiber that is soft on the skin, ideal for people with sensitive skin. In addition, cotton is resilient, able to withstand repeated laundry, so it is possible to use them hygienically for a long time. Thin wadded blankets in goose - Goose is light in weight and doesn’t put pressure on the body, ensuring a good night’s sleep. If you’ve been using an uncomfortably heavy winter blanket, try using a thin wadded blanket in goose. Thin wadded blankets in wool - Wool is a natural fiber produced by shearing the wooly fur of sheep. It has superior insulation and permeability.The tight curls help block heat in the summer and cold air in the winter, making it an ideal material for all seasons. Sleep in comfort with a warm and snug thin wadded blanket in wool.
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