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Smart Digital Multi Space, New ID

Systems furniture ID supports a smart learning environment through the convenient use of digital appliances and clean organization

멀티 디바이스 사용환경 업그레이드, 다양한 수납 솔루션, 스마트한 공간 활용
  1. 01. Straight desk
  2. 02. H-shaped desk
  3. 03. H-shaped long shelved desk
  4. 04.	Study desk
  5. 05. Bed

Create a study space for your child with a reliable straight desk

The straight desk set, composed of a straight desk and a bookcase, creates a cozy and reliable study vibe that will help your child focus on their work.

Straight desk image

A bookcase offered in different height and colors

Choose from 5-level/6-level bookcases in maple/maple white colors

5-level/6-level bookcases in maple/maple white colors image

Sliding steel board that can be used as a bulletin board

The sliding steel board that comes with the desk shelf slides sideways in both directions and can be used as a bulletin board. (comes with 3 magnets)

  • 01. Your child can use the sliding steel board as a bulletin board to keep their English vocabulary and daily schedule in check
  • 02. There is a space beneath the bookcase where gadgets, like a computer mouse and keyboard, can be stored.
  1. 01. Study Multi-Arm Set

    • Using a study multi-arm set as a book stand helps your child read in the correct posture.

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    • By placing a notebook on the stand, your child can study in an ideal position fit for them

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    • If your child uses a monitor more often, they can switch the stand with a monitor to create an environment that fosters efficient learning

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  2. 02. Integral LED study lamp comes with a Bluetooth speaker function

    • Study Lamp Power / 50-Minute Timer Switch

      Study Lamp Power / The self-timer function that switches off automatically after 50 minutes helps your child acquire healthy learning habits by encouraging rest in between studies

      1. STEP1 Touch the switch to turn on the power.
      2. STEP2 Pressing the button for 2 seconds activates the timer.(the light on the button signals that the timer has been activated)
    • Speaker Power / Bluetooth Connecting Switch image

      Speaker Power / The model is ideal for studying languages and listening to on-line lectures. An effective learning environment is created by switching on the Bluetooth function.

      1. STEP1 Touch the switch to turn on the power.
      2. STEP2 Press the button for at least 3 seconds to activate Bluetooth.
      3. STEP3 Search for HANSSEM_LED and link.
      4. STEP4 The button lights up.

    Enjoy a spacious desktop area with the integral lamp
    The LED lamp is long-lasting, economical and minimizes eye fatigue due to minimum light tremors.
    A digital device can linked and used as Bluetooth speakers.
    Study languages by using Bluetooth speakers instead of using earphones that can cause noise deafness

  3. 03. Color temperature/improve learning performance by controlling the light intensity

    • Language skills (5000K) Improvement of memorization skills
    • Research skills (6500K) Improvement of logical thinking skills
    • Creative skills (3500K) Stimulated imagination
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