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Inauguration of the 10th Korea Association of Product Safety

On the last 2nd, Lee, Young-Shik (CEO) was inaugurated as the new president of the Korea Association of Product Safety 

The Korea Association of Product Safety is a member of the National Agency for Technology and Standards under the Ministry of Industry,
Trade and Resources. It prepares, manages and enforces legal standards for the safety of various industrial products such as electrical and household goods.

Lee, Young-Shik (CEO) is known to have been the President of the Association in order to increase the safety of household goods and protect the health and property of customers. He said,
"I feel obliged because I became the president of the Korea Association of Product Safety at this time when many people are very interested in safety and the domestic and overseas economic situation is difficult."
We wish that Hanssem will be a safer and more environmentally friendly company thanks to the inauguration of the CEO, Lee, Young-Shik as the President of the Association.   


Appointment Ceremony for a New Operation Committee Member for the Seoul Western Crime Victim Support Center

On the last March 14, 2008, Kim, Deok-Shin, the Managing Director of the Lee House Project Sector, was appointed as the New Operation Committee Member of the Seoul Western Crime Victim Support Cente
The ceremony was held at ‘the 2018 Regular Meeting of Crime Victim Support Center’ at the Seoul Western District Prosecutors' Office.

Crime Victim Support Center is an institution established by the Ministry of Justice to help the victims, including their families and their bereaved families, of violent crimes such as assault and fire.
It operates 58 sub-centers nationwide. The Seoul Western Crime Victim Support Center offers a variety of support projects for crime victims in Mapo-gu, Seodaemun-gu, Yongsan-gu,
and Eunpyeong-gu. Its projects include cost of living in emergency, medical expenses, psychotherapy, employment education support, and legal support. It is said that the center supports the victims and their families to return to the society as soon as possible.

Managing Director Kim, Deok-Shin, who was appointed as a new committee member on the day, said, "I will try hard to ensure that the victims of violent crimes in the western Seoul recover properly by receiving practical supports such as job offerings"
We wish the company, which is now nestled in Mapo-gu having moved from the Sangam office,
grow into a respected company in the local community through supporting the socially vulnerable. We also hope that the company’s support will help the victims and their families to return to society smoothly.

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