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Hanssem Keywords of the Fall/Winter Lifestyle Trends.


Hanssem Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha,,
which is a corporation specializing in the general home interior, selected ‘the consolation and the encouragement given by a space’ as the keywords of the trends of the 2018 fall/winter lifestyle. 
And, based on this, it will be introducing the four kinds of the space package products that fit the lifecycles of the constituent members of the family.

 Hanssem emphasized that, recently, according to the quick changes of the social atmosphere,
including the expansion of the work time to 52 hours a week, the increase of the husbands and wives who are working together for a living, etc.,
the change of the role, too, of the house has been needed.  It is that, instead of simply being a space for solving the food, clothing, and shelter,
it must become a space in which the members of the family console and encourage each other through the conversations.
The four kinds of the space packages which were newly introduced reflected the keywords
‘the consolations and the encouragements given by the space’.  By selecting the representative types of the families,
including ‘the newly-married family’, ‘the low-grade elementary school student’s family’, ‘the high-grade elementary school student’s family’, ‘the junior high school or senior high school student’s family’, etc.,
 it had been enabled so that these spaces can recover the natural function of the house through the conversations and the communication.
Regarding the space by the type of the family, it has been organized with the entire house,
ncluding the living room, the main room, the children’s room, the study, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc.
 Each of the space packages had been differentiated by applying the design concepts that were different from each other.


1. The newly-wed family- ‘The newly-married couple’s space like an exciting hotel, 24 pyeong.’


Hanssem had paid attention to the fact that the newly-married couple prefer the interior in the hotel style or the café style and that they enjoy the diverse leisurely activities at home. 

Regarding the bedroom, by boldly discarding the wardrobe and arranging the hotel-style bed,
it was made into a sound space for the rest.  In the living room, a sofa of which the positions of the armrest and the back could be moved freely was arranged. 
The fact that the utilization as a sofa bed is possible is a strong point.  In case a child is born, it can be utilized as a space for playing.  The sofa table, of which the height adjustment is possible,
changes the living room into the dining room.  It reflected the point that the newly-married couples who reside in the narrow, unit-area type can have a difficulty in placing the table separately.

Regarding the overall, interior color, including that of the furniture, the building material, etc.,
the newly-wed couples applied the white color.  There is the neat and tidy feeling, and there is the effect of making the narrow house look wide. 
Here, by utilizing the rugs, the cushions, etc. in the mustard color, which has settled down as the color of the recent trend, as the points, the feeling of the vitality had been imbued into the space.    

2. The family with a child in the low grade at an elementary school- “A space of observing the talents of the child, 38 pyeong.”


the low grade at an elementary school had been decorated into a space where the talents of the child could be observed.
In the kitchen, an island cooking table that was separated like an island from the previous space for working was arranged. 
While making a food, one can converse with the family

The house of a family in which there is a child in  members who are in the living room by looking at them.  In the living room, a module-type sofa was arranged. 
There is the strong point of being able to change the position freely by adjusting to the activities of the plays by the family members.  In the children’s room,
by installing a desk of which the height and the angle can be adjusted to fit the type of the study and the growth of the child, it catches the eye. 

The desk was arranged so that it does not look at a wall surface and so that it looks at the entire room.  Without having any feeling of being stifled,
by sitting down to face each other with the parents, it can be utilized as a space for the conversations and the learning.

The furniture and the building materials with the bright colors, including white, beige, etc. had been used. 
By matching a fabric sofa here, it had been enabled to have the warm feeling.  In a corner of the window, by arranging the diverse plants, the planterior (plant + interior) trend had been reflected.

 3.The family with a child in the high grade at an elementary school – ‘The home party space for being happy every day, 34 pyeong.’ 

Regarding the house in which there is a child in the high grade at an elementary school,
it had been organized into a space for the family members to form a bond while enjoying a home party together or by sharing a hobby.

Regarding the sofa in the living room,
it was arranged into the shape of the giyeok (ㄱ) character and not the ordinary il (一) character.  Instead of watching the TV by sitting down in a row on the sofa in the living room,
it was enabled to engage in the conversations while looking at each other’s eyes.  It is good for everybody to enjoy a party or enjoy a hobby activity.  In the time of the high grade at an elementary school,

by reflecting the fact that the sense of independence gets big, the spaces, too,
of each of the individuals who had been the constituent members had been considered.  Regarding the children’s room,
it had been decorated so that there is the sense of the unity with the furniture in the white, classic style, which reflected the taste of the female child. 

In the balcony next to the bedroom, the study of the wife had been prepared. 
And, in one corner of the dressing room, the simple study of the husband had been prepared.

The overall, interior concept is the ‘American classic style’. 
The wall paper with the wine color associates one with the Christmas home party. 
And the walls, the ceiling, the furniture, etc. in the classic styles produces the space to be dignified and luxurious. 
The fact that the frames with the black and gold colors and the others of the like had been utilized as the props, too, catches the eye.


4. The family with a child who is a student in a junior high school or a senior high school
‘The space in which there are the conversations and the communication between the family members, 38 pyeong.’

The house of a family in which there is a child who is a student in the junior high school or the senior high school
had been decorated as a space for the child in the puberty and the parents and the husband and the wife to converse and communicate.

In the kitchen, a space in the form of a snack bar on which one sits while looking at the island cooking table had been organized. 
It is a space in which a child can sit and engage in a conversation while the parents cook.  If the morning is busy, the breakfasts of each person can be prepared with the simple cereal or toasts. 

In the living room, by separately arranging an armchair for one person’s use to the sofa for four persons’ use, it was enabled to engage in a conversation while facing each other. 
On one side of the bedroom of the married couple, by putting a bed bench, it was produced as a space for the married couple to drink tea together.  Other than these, the wall surface on one side of the living room
had been filled with a built-in storage closet.  It can organize neatly and tidily the hobby supplies of the family for enjoying the mountain climbing, the camping, the golf, etc. 
While mainly using the grey color, which has been in fashion recently, the windows and doors, the inner gate, the illumination,
etc. in the black color had been utilized as the points.  By utilizing the velvet cushions and rugs, it produces the space that can look cold at the slightest slip to have the sophisticated and comfortable feeling.

A related source at Hanssem said, “We had worried a lot regarding the new role of the house that is suitable to the changing society. 
Because we thought that the house must be a space that consoles and encourages the life of a modern person who has been exhausted, we have proposed the space that was adjusted to the life cycles of
the constituent members of the family.”



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