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‘Returning Home Loaded with the Honors’- Athlete Kim, Gyu-seong of the Hanssem Disabled Sports Team.



On October 16, Hanssem (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha,, a corporation specializing in general home interior,
stated that the athlete Kim, Gyu-seong (Aged 55) of the Disabled Sports Team of its own company acquired the singles gold medal and the doubles silver medal
in the wheelchair tennis quad of the 2018 Indonesia Asian Para Games.  After the closing ceremony, the athlete Kim returned to Korea on October 15.

 After beating the athlete Sugeno Koji (Japan), who ranks number 4 in the world, the athlete Kim, Gyu-seong won the gold medal from the singles in the quad category. 
The athlete Kim is the athlete who ranks number 12 (singles) in the world who won the gold medal from the doubles in the past 2014 Incheon Asian Para Games.

 In the past 2016, by cooperating with the Gyeonggi branch of the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled,
Hanssem had signed the employment contracts with the 32 amateur athletes who belonged to the Gyeonggi-do Sports Association for the Disabled. 
The Hanssem Disabled Sports Team was founded through the cooperation among the Gyeonggi-do Sports Association for the Disabled, the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled,
and Hanssem.  And it has been organized with the athletes of the three events of table tennis, tennis, and bowling.  By signing the contract with Hanssem,
 the athletes got around to being able to gather the good results by striving with the training without any financial difficulty.

By giving the help to the stability of the livelihoods of the athletes of the sports team,Hanssem has been supporting so that they can concentrate on the sports activities.  
Other than this, through the agreement to establish a subsidiary-type, standard place of business for the disabled with the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled in the year 2017,
it has been putting forth its energy for the management of the Good Will Store for the creation of the jobs for the severely handicapped persons and the others of the like.

The athlete Kim, Gyu-seong said, “Just as there is the word that ‘The sky helps a person who helps himself or herself’,
to the extent that I had endeavored more enthusiastically than anybody else, I could obtain the good result in the final game. 
Although I am the oldest person among the wheel chair tennis athletes who are the national representatives,
I would like to be sure to win a medal at the Tokyo Paralympics and, thereby, become a hope to the other athletes who possess the disabilities.”
Yoo, Ji-gon, the wheelchair tennis Coach, said,
“Because the athlete Kim, Gyu-seong is an athlete whose willpower is stronger than anybody else, I knew that he would win the gold medal. 
It would be good if, by seeing the games of the athlete Kim, it becomes an opportunity for the other corporations,
too, to get around to possessing the interest in a disabled sports team like Hanssem.”
A related person at Hanssem said,
“By forming an environment in which the athletes of the sports team can concentrate in the sport only in the future, too,
Hanssem will pay the continuous attention so that they can engage in the activity while feeling the price as the constituent members of Hanssem.”

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