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Hanssem Newly Decorates the ‘’ Homepage



On March 11, Hanssem Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Choi, Yang-ha),
a corporation specializing in the general, home interior, stated that it finished the reorganizing work which strengthened the function of ‘ (’,
which is its own homepage, as an O4O (Online for Offline) platform that connects the online with the offline.

In order to cope with the market trend that changes quickly by going back and forth between the online and the offline recently,
Hanssem had proceeded with the reorganization of ‘’, which is the homepage of the company. 
By possessing the O4O platform function through which ‘’,
which is the homepage of the company, connects the customers and the over 400 offline stores nationwide,
it is highly expected to help the convenient, interior shopping by the customers and to contribute to the invigoration of the sales by the dealerships, too.
The customers visiting ‘’ can meet the diverse, space package contents that have been classified by the unit area type and the style. 
They are diverse, including from ‘the entire house construction package’ to ‘the partial construction package’, to ‘the furniture package’, etc. 

The ‘online virtual reality (VR) model house’, too,
in which the appearance after the construction can be virtually experienced, catches the eye.  The diverse, actual construction case examples, too, can be met.
             If one makes the request for a counseling after choosing a space package that one is interested in online, the allocation of the optimal, offline store can be received. 
If a kitchen package is requested, it gets connected to the nearby kitchen-

specializing store.  And, if the entire house construction package is selected,
it gets connected to a store specializing in the remodeling or the ‘Hanssem Design Park’, which is a large-sized, composite store.
The store search function, too,
has been strengthened.  After connecting to ‘the integrated store search’, if the residential area and the product of the interest are chosen, one can receive the guidance to a nearby, offline store. 
It is scheduled that, at the 13 large-sized, compound stores, including the Nonhyeon Branch, the Mokdong Branch, the Yongsan Branch, etc. of the Hanssem Design Park, the KakaoTalk counseling service, too
will begin within this month.
A person concerned at Hanssem said,
“Before the reorganization of the homepage, it had been the level of searching the simple product information by searching the pages by distribution, including the ‘Hanssem Rehaus’,
the ‘Hanssem kitchen & bath’, the ‘Hanssem interior’, etc.  Because a change adjusted to the market trend had been needed, the reorganization work had been proceeded with.  The preexistent,

online Hanssem Mall will play the role of a distribution channel that directly sells the furniture and the interior products. 
And the that had been reorganized will play the role of a platform that connects the customers with the offline stores.”
#The omni-channel:
A service that enables the consumers to search and purchase the products by going back and forth between the diverse routes,
including the online, the offline, the mobile, etc.  
It refers to the shopping environment that makes it feel like the same store is being used through whatever the channel by combining the special characteristics of each distribution channel.

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