Joy, the story of a child’s room. The start of many firsts. A student was born in our home. The birth of new parents, too. Our child will soon start elementary school. Much to prepare, so many concerns. Let Hanssem be a part of this transitional period for both children and parents.

I can’t wait to see your reaction as you open the door 방문을 열고 활짝 웃고있는 여자아이

1 Designed with a mother’s love for her child’s wellbeing. The “Joy Series” which only uses eco-friendly materials of the top ‘E0’ grade, Hanssem designs rooms for children with their wellbeing in mind. Watch as your children grow and thrive in this green space filled with joy. Joy, Hanssem children’s room 아이의 건강까지 생각한 친환경 자재를 사용해서 만든 아이가구들

2 A space affects a child’s sensitivity. Color is not the only element that is important in a child’s room. Hanssem children’s room comes in colors meticulously picked by professional artists to stimulate a child’s sensitivity and make them dream big. Green minimizes eyestrain and helps develop a calm sensitivity. / Pink completes a cute and cozy room./ Blue creates a space full of vitality Headboard design made of fairytales. Handle design to stimulate a child’s sensitivity. Small and cute button shapes for a child’s eye-level. Friendly face shapes. A simple design fit for older children

3 Don’t worry about your children outgrowing their furniture. Children grow up too fast. It can be a nuisance when kids outgrow their room furniture. You can’t exactly throw them out and it’s a buying new ones is a hassle. Hanssem builds long-lasting furniture that can be adjusted to your kids’ height as they grow with color and design that are easy on the eyes. 그린톤으로 꾸며진 아이방 An independent desk whose height can be adjusted to a child’s height as they grow. The height can be easily adjusted by twisting the legs with your hands. The back support and the seat of the Joanne chair can be adjusted to a child’s height as they grow. Adjust the height by twisting the legs. Adjustment of the seat level / Adjustment of the back support level, The back support and the seat can be adjusted simultaneously to three different levels


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