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KitchenBach Brand Introduction


Everyone has a kitchen, but not many people know that kitchens come in different grades. Introducing KitchenBach, a world-class kitchen.

  • KITCHENBACH 7 A High-End Kitchen for a Minimum 192㎡ Space
    Smart storage and one-touch automated technology fit for Korean dining culture. KitchenBach offers you its top-of-the-line LDK plan, which links the living room, dining room and kitchen, installed with gadgets from top luxury brands.
  • KITCHENBACH 5 An Intelligent Kitchen for a Minimum 165㎡ Space A convenient kitchen space equipped with large drawers and flap bottle cabinets with a state-of-the-art touch-open technology offers you the most efficient work flow and style with built-in gadgets.
  • KITCHENBACH3 A Premium Kitchen for a Minimum 132㎡ Space Kitchens that appear small and storage issues for all kinds of gadgets and kitchenware are solved with KitchenBach’s exclusive design and storage system. It’s the perfect plan for the 132㎡ home space

A Large Island that Facilitates Family Communication

Years of research has led to KitchenBach’s family-style kitchen system, complete with a large island that brings family members together.

  1. The effective work flow minimizes movement
  2. overlooking the living room
  3. minimizing exhaustion while the fun cooking space
  4. storage can be transformed into a rest area and office as well.

The KitchenBach island is a space where homemakers can cook while facing the living room and have conversations with family. Effective work flow and storage space cuts down on work time, reducing fatigue and increasing family leisure. Even when nobody is cooking, the kitchen can be a space where family members want to get together to spend more time, talking and relaxing.

World-Class Kitchen with Top Luxury Brand Gadgets

Depending on which grade you choose, you can choose to install top-of-the-line imported gadgets used by Europe’s top chefs.

A top German home appliance brand beloved in 26 countries around the world, Blomberg has passed the notoriously meticulous consumer test Stif Warentest and continues to be recognized for its quality improvement.
Founded as a comprehensive kitchen solution brand in Switzerland in 1911, Franke manufactures kitchen appliances with elaborate technology and beautiful designs.

KitchenBach only uses top-quality appliances that have been recognized by world consumers in quality and design.

  • 그로헤
  • 밀레
  • 디트리쉬
  • 엘리카
  • 콜러
  • 토클라스
  • 클린업

KitchenBach’s world-class technology

KitchenBach kitchens have been completed using the world’s top quality eco-friendly materials, state-of-the-art technology and hardware as well as world-class design

  • ECO MATERIAL - Top Quality Eco-Friendly Materials

    • Uses eco-friendly core materials with the top ‘E0’ grade.
    • Silver nano surface coating material that prevents the release of harmful substances.
    • Uses eco-friendly materials even in non-visible parts of the products such as a non-toxic water-based adhesive.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomic Design

    • Touch-induced automatic button, a state-of-the-art technology that minimizes user fatigue.
    • Built to fit the bodies and daily lifestyle of Koreans
    • Large flaps and drawers that makes the entire storage space visible
  • INNOVATED HARDWARE - Innovated Hardware

    • Uses the latest products from the world’s number 1 hardware manufacturer, Blum
    • Closes softly without hard impact and noise / automated high-end technology
    • Safe hardware that has passed Europe’s particular quality standard.

KitchenBach’s world-class storage system

KitchenBach boasts a large automated storage system that makes systematic storage and retrieval of large objects easy

  • Bach Pantry - A large-volume storage system that can store a week’s worth of groceries for a minimum four-member household. With the revolving wire shelf, items can be stored deep within the pantry and are easily retrievable.
  • Touch Open Bach Flap Wall Cabinet - The large-volume flap wall cabinet opens with a gentle touch and stored items are easily visible and accessible
  • Touch Open Bach Intivo Drawers - The Intivo drawers that automatically open with a gentle touch can be easily opened and closed even when you’re working and stored items are easily visible and accessible.
  • Intivo Divider - The Intivo divider is a large-volume flap wall cabinet that allows easy access to stored items by opening with a gentle touch.
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